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ADAMA gives back to cotton communities
While global crop protection company, ADAMA, continues to deliver solutions to help Australian growers farm better, it also has a strong focus on supporting the industries and local communities where they are based.
VICCHEM Supports Growers with Free Water Tests
Water quality is pivotal in farm management decisions. VICCHEM’s Free Water Testing Report empowers growers to better understand their water quality to improve input performance.
High performing early-season hybrid canola varieties from Nuseed
Nuseed’s high performing early-season hybrid canola varieties give growers more options for yield performance and paddock management.

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Whether you’re purchasing crop chemicals, seed, or animal health products, we’ve teamed up with over 20 partners in the industry that you can earn points with. Click on the button below to find out what products you can collect points with and how many points each product is worth. You can talk to your Nutrien Agronomist for more information on how to maximise your points.

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Nutrien Rewards is all about making it easy to be rewarded for your hard work. From anytime live redemptions to our points+pay feature allowing you to redeem sooner and direct deliveries to your door, it really has never been easier to reward yourself.