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Record Rewards for acting early against ryegrass resistance

Earlier this year Dr Roberto Busi of the University of Western Australia (UWA) and AHRI recognised the value of adding Luximax to the pre-emergent herbicide rotation in wheat (not Durum) to help manage resistant annual ryegrass.

 Now that value to growers has been given a massive temporary boost. Book your 2022 supply of Luximax before the end of this year and you’ll earn three times as many Nutrien Rewards points as usual!

 So, you can collect immediate rewards for making a sound agronomic choice. Then, next autumn and winter, Luximax will help deliver exceptional annual ryegrass control (plus control of silver grass, barley grass, toad rush and suppression of wild oats and brome grass) and crop safety as it strengthens your resistance management program.

 The accelerating spread of herbicide resistance in annual ryegrass populations makes it more important than ever to plan a herbicide rotation that will both provide excellent control in the first three  months after sowing and help manage control in future seasons.

After Dr. Busi tested a range of pre-emergent herbicides for the control of suspected resistant annual ryegrass biotypes, earlier this year he tweeted:

“Luximax appears as the most effective breaker of multiple-resistance in 2021”

 That’s no real surprise, of course. The launch of Luximax in time for the 2020 season introduced the first new herbicidal mode of action in a generation and it remains in a class of its own: Group 30. Trials have also shown that Luximax can consistently match the control industry standards, including Sakura – for so many years the industry benchmark.

 And now the latest AHRI testing of ryegrass samples has found that resistance to Group 15 herbicides (which includes Sakura) is becoming  more prevalent – especially in South Australia and Victoria – than previously suspected. At present, there is no known resistance to Luximax either in Australia or globally..

 After finding that the effectiveness of most of the individual pre-emergent herbicides growers have been relying on in previous seasons is under threat, the AHRI team is also emphasising the value of tank-mixes. One very effective combination that both their trial work and BASF’s identified in 2021 is Luximax mixed with Voraxor®, the new herbicide that provides both pre-emergent control of broadleaf weeds and annual ryegrass assist and knockdown of established weeds

 Trial work had already demonstrated Voraxor’s ‘ARG Assist’ effects:

  • residual pre-emergent suppression of ryegrass that can add a few per cent extra to even the very high levels of control specialist grassweed products like Luximax provide (see Voraxor label details).
  • helping to knockdown glyphosate-resistant ryegrass seedlings in tank-mixes with an effective knockdown herbicide

You can find out more about both Luximax and Voraxor at and check out their performance in some 2021 demonstration trials here