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Try a new approach to set and maintain the highest standards

2nd November 2023


Systiva is well recognised as the preferred treatment for net blotches in barley (and a great rotation option for Septoria tritici blotch in wheat). If you aren’t using it already, you’re missing out on the highest level of control on the most damaging diseases in barley and an excellent potential return on a relatively small investment.


The last couple of seasons have got off to a wet start in many regions. As well as setting up great yield potential, that’s really showcased the value of Systiva’s greater flexibility and extended protection. Systiva will control other key diseases up to around GS37 (flag leaf emergence) and its protection against net blotches can last right up until GS55 (50% ear emergence). So if wet conditions early in the season create high disease pressure, Systiva has two big advantages: it will protect the young crop until it’s very well established and allow greater flexibility when it comes to timing of foliar sprays.


Luximax is another valuable, innovative solution that will enhance and strengthen chemical rotations.


The launch of Luximax added an entirely new, extremely effective mode of action to the toolbox. Numerous trials have shown that Luximax can match the highest industry standards of pre-emergent annual ryegrass control. Both standalone and in tank-mixes, Luximax has matched the performance of Sakura and provided superior control to other pre-emergent herbicides.


So far so good: Luximax can be swapped into any program to maintain excellent control of annual ryegrass and other grass weeds. But why bother? Because adding Luximax to the rotation will also allow you to keep using the other products for longer. Just think of the Stephen Powles mantra about managing resistance that’s now been taken as an AHRI slogan: “If you’re on a good thing, don’t stick to it!”


Research by Dr Roberto Busi of the University of Western Australia (UWA) and AHRI tested a range of pre-emergent herbicides for the control of suspected resistant annual ryegrass biotypes. After reviewing the results he described Luximax as the “most effective breaker of multiple resistance”. Since then there have been more reports of resistance to the Group 15 mode of action that Sakura and Boxer Gold share. Resistance to trifluralin (Group 3) is very widespread and there is already isolated resistance to Overwatch’s Group 13 mode of action. 


That’s why BASF are recommending that growers who haven’t already added Luximax to the rotation begin using its unique Group 30 chemistry on 30% of your wheat crops each year. That will allow you to keep using the pre-ems you already know and trust while you add new – and equally effective – chemistry to the program and learn how to get the best out of it.


The 30/30 plan is a highly sustainable ‘mini-rotation’ within the main one that will ease the resistance pressure on Group 15 products and can help keep them working for years to come.  


You can find out more about Systiva, Luximax and the 30/30 plan at


For the months of November and December, earn triple points on purchases of Systiva and Luximax*.


*The BASF Systiva and Luximax Triple Points points promotion is valid nationally to Nutrien Rewards Members. To be eligible for the double points offer, the Nutrien Rewards member must purchase BASF Systiva and/or Luximax from any Nutrien Ag Solutions store that is part of the Nutrien Rewards Program between 1 November and 31December 2023 (inclusive) using their Nutrien Account. Points will be applied to the Member’s Nutrien Rewards account the following month. Please see Nutrien Rewards Terms and Conditions for more details.


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