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Australian growers became the first in the world to use Efficon® by BASF in commercial crops.

2nd November 2023


Efficon is effective against a range of piercing and sucking pests. Its world-first registrations here in Australia are to control:

  • Silverleaf whiteflies and greenhouse whiteflies in cotton, cucurbit and fruiting vegetable crops.
  • Green peach aphids and cabbage aphids in brassica and leafy vegetable crops.
  • Cotton (or melon) aphids in cotton and cucurbit crops.

Whether you’re growing cotton or vegetables, Efficon will add extra flexibility and reliability to your IPM program. It is especially effective for whiteflies, controlling most life stages and quickly stopping feeding to minimise damage and rapidly control even heavy infestations.

That early feeding cessation means virus transmission will also be minimised when Efficon is used on aphids.

As an added bonus, you can earn double rewards points if you buy Efficon before 31 December 2023!*

You can watch Efficon’s journey to the Australian market here:


*The BASF Efficon Fungicide Double Points promotion is valid nationally to Nutrien Rewards Members. To be eligible for the double points offer, the Nutrien Rewards member must purchase BASF Efficon Fungicide from any Nutrien Ag Solutions store that is part of the Nutrien Rewards Program between 1 November and 31 December 2023 (inclusive) using their Nutrien Account. Points will be applied to the Member’s Nutrien Rewards account the following month.


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