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2023 Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants: Applications now open

For over 50 years, Gallagher has been committed to supporting Australian farmers by providing farm-fit solutions to help simplify the challenges faced by those working on the land. Gallagher’s passion for finding long-term sustainable solutions to problems, and their drive to protect what matters most, has culminated in a partnership with Landcare Australia. 

Since 2018, Gallagher Australia’s Landcare Electric Fencing Grants have been supporting Landcare members and Australian landholders to care for the land and local ecosystems through improved pasture management and environmental conservation. 

In 2023, there will be 22 grants available. The grants provide permanent electric fence materials to support graziers, landcarers and community groups to undertake fencing projects with tangible environmental or sustainable agricultural outcomes.  

We recognise the importance of knowledge-sharing in the biodiversity space, and so recipients are encouraged to share their learnings from their conservation projects by hosting field days, site visits or demonstrations. Education around conservation best practise is vital to the ongoing success of these grants. 

2022 recipients Lisa and Eddy Dwyer were able to protect waterways and biodiversity in the Hopkins Creek region with support from their grant. Their farm, Kangertong Farm, is using Gallagher permanent fencing to prevent damage in the waterways and protect cattle that were getting caught in the creeks and damaging nearby trees. They are both regenerating parts of their farm and benefitting the broader community. 

When it comes to solutions fit-for-purpose, Gallagher Permanent Electric Fencing solutions have been the frontrunner for projects looking to exclude animals from entering an area and protect ecosystems. Electric fencing is quicker to install then traditional fencing, reducing labour costs greatly, and, for more experienced landholders, the need to hire a fencing contractor is likely removed entirely.  

The strong ground anchoring and lightweight, flexible design makes Gallagher Permanent Electric Fencing a simple, robust, and effective way to exclude feral animals, and protect what’s inside. After recent flooding around the Hopkins Creek region, where the water was well above head-level, the fencing at Kangertong Farm “held up really beautifully,” and didn’t need any repair work, showing the durability of the Gallagher solution.  

At the end of this years' grants round, the Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grant will have supported over 60 conservation projects across the country. 

Applications for the 2023 Gallagher Electric Fencing Grants are now open. If you have a biodiversity or conservation-focussed project requiring a permanent electric fencing solution, you can find out more at: Supporting Landcare ( 



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