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Permanent Electric Fencing that is easy to install and maintain

2nd November 2023

Australia is a diverse country, with a range of different ecosystems and landscapes to protect and nurture. Gallagher leads the market in offering an extensive product range that reflects the diversity of Australia’s environment and has a premium fencing and animal management solution for the needs of any property.


Electric fencing is a cost-effective and reliable way to control animal movement and manage pasture. It keeps domestic animals in, feral animals out, separates groups of livestock, and fences off sensitive areas such as roads and rivers. It’s generally more effective that traditional fencing, as it creates a psychological barrier (as well as physical) by delivering a short, safe, and memorable shock that trains animals to respect the fencing.


Gallagher offers both permanent and temporary fencing in its line-up of solutions. Permanent fences use highly conductive fence wire together with fencing posts. They are easy to install and operate, and provide highly effective and long-lasting animal control. Temporary fencing is a more flexible option, ideal for rotational grazing or short-term animal control. It is portable, and easy to assemble and take down.


Gallagher’s newest Permanent Fence solution is a complete fencing solution that is robust and low maintenance. They are fit-for-purpose for Australian conditions, whether you want to enclose livestock, exclude feral animals, conserve waterways and biodiversity, or retrofit to an existing fence.


A key component of this solution is Gallagher’s new heavy-duty I-Posts, which are made from 100% insulated high-density polyethylene and are UV-stabilised. Their suspension design mean they have a higher tolerance to natural events such as flooding and slips and can withstand high levels of heat.


Designed based on construction I-beams, Gallagher I-Posts create a resilient fence line that stands tall through challenging conditions.


Of course, a fence is only as powerful as its Energizer.


Gallagher’s flagship Energizer range, the I Series, are intelligent, adapting voltage according to conditions to deliver more power to the end of the fence line when necessary. They are engineered to perform in harsh farming conditions, including extreme temperatures and lightning, and have in-built fence monitoring technology. This means you can hook up your Energizer to a Wi-Fi network and have alerts sent directly to your phone through the Ag Devices App.


Gallagher electric fences are easy to install and maintain, and when it comes to providing premium quality products and service for customers and the community, Gallagher doesn’t fall short.


Gallagher is active in the community, and proudly supports sustainable agriculture and conservation-focussed fencing projects across the country in conjunction with Landcare Australia. In 2023, they provided financial support to 22 groups or individuals to promote sustainable land management practises and agricultural production through electric fencing.


When it comes to installation, Gallagher is happy to provide technical help and support for all hardware and software products. The Customer Service Team and Territory Managers are only a phone call away (1800 425 524) and can help with any queries or concerns.


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