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The most flexible group 27 herbicide, Nufarm Galaxy.

2nd May 2024 

Nufarm Galaxy is delivering impressive results for cereals growers across Australia, with a new approach to Group 27 herbicides.

As a straight pyrasulfotole product, Galaxy combines one of the most robust broadleaf herbicides on the market with the ability to adjust rates and mix partners, like bromoxynil or MCPA LVE, throughout the growing season.

Josh Cope, agronomist at Nutrien Ag Solutions in Merredin, Western Australia was impressed with Galaxy when he saw it in a Nufarm trial in the region the year before its launch. “It did a really good job. The efficacy was excellent and the crop safety was also really good. They are the two things I liked about it in the trial.” Josh said. “Going forward I think it’s going to be the flexibility that it showed with its different mix partners, going at different crop stages and targeting different weeds is the bit that I most liked.”

Flexible rates of both pyrasulfotole and mix partners

Galaxy is a game changer in the post-emergent herbicide market, giving growers a choice of higher maximum use rates of both the active ingredient and mix partners. With little known resistance, this flexibility makes it good news for growers looking to manage a wide spectrum of hard-to-control broadleaf weeds, including Indian hedge mustard, sow thistle, capeweed, volunteer canola and wild radish.

“Our biggest one would be Wild Radish. That is our biggest broadleaf weed out here.” Josh said. “I think Brom MA will be the most popular one (mixing partner). I think we really want those three modes of action in the tank when we are tackling the Wild Radish, but then the Galaxy will still give us the options that we can just chuck some Brom 200 in before 3 leaf and tidy anything up there, or if we want to put some LVE in to chase some oats we can do that as well.” said Josh.

A new standard in broadleaf weed control

With Galaxy, Nufarm brings a more flexible pyrasulfotole to a broader range of growers and use patterns. It’s an excellent choice for growers who have avoided pyrasulfotole in the past because of the limitations of pre-mixed drums. Nufarm has invested in thorough R&D to ensure Galaxy is not only a more versatile product, but also one that’s efficacious and highly competitive in the market.

“Galaxy is going to be a massive tool for us, because we are having a lot of problems out here with resistance to the diflufencans and bromoxynils we’ve been using quite wide spread, so to be able to chuck a group H in there and load up the loading is going to be a massive tool for us.” Josh shared. “We’ll be able to get more pyrosulfatole than we have previously. Whether we go early or late in crop, we’ll be able to chase those resistant weeds and hopefully give us a bit more time down the track to use those other products.

Nufarm recommends mixing Galaxy with Bromicide 200, Bromicide MA or MCPA LVE for best results.


Watch Josh’s video here:


For further information about Galaxy, a comprehensive technical guide is available on the Nufarm website.



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