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Upgrade to Australia’s most effective 2,4-D

02 January 2024

Nufarm continues to lead the world in 2,4-D technology with Nufarm DROPZONE. The result of 10 years of research and development, DROPZONE is a faster, more efficacious 2,4-D amine with a world-first innovative formulation.

DROPZONE is the next 2,4-D amine formulation post-Amicide Advance 700, which has become the benchmark in 2,4-D for Australian growers. With its unique formulation, droplet optimisation and low odour, it delivers all the benefits of a highly efficacious 2,4-D product, with none of the drawbacks.


Unique formulation. Improved droplet retention results in better efficacy and faster brownout.

Field testing has placed DROPZONE at the front of the market for speed and efficacy. Nufarm compared activity against other amine 2,4-D formulations and DROPZONE delivered faster brownout and had up to 10% improved efficacy, even on problem weeds like sow thistle.

Mick Sparnon, Agronomist and Branch Manager at Nutrien Pinaroo and Loxton says the results speak for themselves “We’re obviously in a low rainfall area, so we are very moisture conservation minded. And on a normal summer we would do two to two and a half Summer sprays a year to keep our paddock clean and on a dry one it’s down to one and a half. Our first spray application is important, and so when you get a great product that increases the efficacy of the replacement (Amicide Advance 700) but also the tank mix partners, our first spray is critical. We had great results, it controlled sow thistle and skeleton weeds are probably the main ones.”


Droplet optimisation. Spray and stay on your target with the right sized droplets for better control and less drift.

The key factor in DROPZONE’s performance is Nufarm’s unique droplet optimisation formulation. Growers often opt for a larger spray quality or use drift-reducing adjuvants to reduce drift in 2,4-D products, both of which create larger droplets and reduce coverage. DROPZONE’s new technology means that it delivers up to 96% of spray volume in the ideal droplet size zone – between 150 and 720 microns – which gives excellent coverage and efficacy, while reducing the potential for drift.


Low odour 2,4-D. Enhance your application experience with our new low odour formulation.

Minimising the characteristic odour of 2,4-D products is another key benefit of the DROPZONE formulation.

“I’ve had one customer, he farms next to…the irrigation settlement at Loxton,” said Mick “for him it was just another bit of positive to actually use a 2,4-D product and not have the smell and odour.”


Australian Through & Through. Developed in Australia for Australian growers.

Nufarm has invested significant resources and over 10 years into developing DROPZONE, which is another demonstration of its continued 2,4-D stewardship for Australian agriculture and commitment to Australian growers.

For more information about Nufarm DROPZONE please visit our website or contact your local store.




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