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High performing early-season hybrid canola varieties from Nuseed

1st February 2024

Two recent additions to Nuseed’s portfolio of high performing canola hybrids are proving their worth in short season growing environments across Australia’s canola growing regions.

Nuseed’s first release in their new imidazolinone-tolerant segment, Nuseed Ceres IMI, has demonstrated competitive yield and excellent oil during trials, and exhibits strong early vigour and good early biomass. The first IMI canola with the benefit of Nuseed hybrid genetics, Ceres is an early maturing variety that is suited to quick growing environments.

Suited to quick canola growing regions, Nuseed Ceres IMI comes with strong Blackleg resistance and moderate plant height for good harvestability.

With the release of Nuseed Ceres IMI, canola growers operating an IMI herbicide system in their cropping program now have a new option for this chemistry package, giving them access to the benefits of Nuseed’s proven hybrid canola genetics.

In their class-leading HyTTec hybrid TT portfolio, the recent release HyTTec Velocity is the fastest variety in this segment, as the name suggests. Velocity brings improved harvestability with its compact plant height and improved pod shatter genetics. It also possesses good early vigour for strong establishment and increased weed competition. HyTTec Velocity exhibits a competitive yield and oil performance in trials, delivering growers a good return on their seed investment.




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