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The Broadest of Broadacre Insecticides

Economical SUMI-ALPHA FLEX is the pyrethroid insecticide with the broadest of broadacre labels for all your insect control needs in cereal, pulse, oilseed, pasture and summer row crops.

Known for its reliability to control insect pests including aphids, jassids and Etiella moth, Sumi-Alpha Flex has become to go-to product for lentil growers.

Available in 20L drums for small to medium-sized operations, or returnable 110L drums for larger growers, the extensive label on Sumi-Alpha Flex means that broadacre growers need to stock only one synthetic pyrethroid product, regardless of their crop rotation program.

Sumi-Alpha Flex is a stable EC formulation, suitable to be used in the following season when stored under favourable conditions and is generally compatible with most other foliar-applied products.

For detailed product information and Directions for Use, refer to the Sumitomo Chemical Australia website at