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VIBRANCE® seed treatment the preferred option for cereal growers

Seed Shield, one of the country’s leading seed graders and treatment services, has found Syngenta seed treatments to be the preferred option for the needs of many cereal farmers. 

VIBRANCE® seed treatment helps cereal crops develop stronger root systems and ultimately healthier plants through the control of flag smut (both seed and soil borne), common bunt, loose smut, covered smut, seed-borne net blotch and Pythium. It’s also a valuable management tool for seed-borne Fusarium head blight caused by Fusarium spp. and white grain.    

“We’ve found VIBRANCE® is still the superior formulation to work with,” Seed Shield National Operations Manager Karen Smith said.     

“We’ve applied other premium seed treatments over time but had issues with application that have caused significant equipment downtime.     

“Also, having the Syngenta Seedcare Institute™ behind VIBRANCE® is providing our business with unrivalled product support and information, which adds huge value and peace of mind.     

“If you ask our operators what they prefer of the 25 or so products we use, VIBRANCE® is number one when it comes to ease-of-use.     

“And in terms of mixing a fungicide and pesticide, they say VIBRANCE® and CRUISER® 350FS are a match made in heaven.     

“Together, they offer very even coverage, smooth seedflow and no blockages – even at very high rates it remains very smooth.”   

To learn more about Syngenta VIBRANCE®, click here.


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