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VICCHEM Supports Growers with Free Water Tests

1st February 2024

VICCHEM is thrilled to announce the continuation of their Free Water Testing Service for growers.

Recognising the pivotal role of water quality in farm management decisions, VICCHEM’s Free Water Testing service provides growers with a Water Analysis Report empowering them to better understand their spray water composition. 

Armed with this data, growers will be empowered to make more informed decisions for optimisation of herbicide performance on farm.

OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant is designed to make herbicides work more effectively in even some of the most challenging water conditions.  With its unique blend of ammonium sulphate formulants and HASTEN technology, OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant is your key to achieving outstanding results in your grain growing operation.

VICCHEM’s OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant offers a suite of benefits including improved herbicide penetration on waxy weed surfaces, extended herbicide activity, enhanced adhesion and absorption, and increased Glyphosate performance in hard water.  Furthermore, OUTRIGHT 770 Spray Adjuvant eliminates the need for lugging and dissolving bags of ammonium sulphate, adding to the benefits of this unique spray adjuvant.

To order your Free VICCHEM Water Testing Kits visit or call VICCHEM on (03) 9301 7000.



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