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The Target Repro Program is making waves around the country.

The Target Repro Program featuring Multimin® and Ovastim® is making waves around the country.

 The national sheep flock is forecast to grow to its highest level since 2007 and is predicted to reach 78.75 million in 2023 according to the latest Sheep Industry Projections update from the MLA1. This growth is driven by environmental and animal factors such as optimal breeding conditions across Australia, a genetically superior flock and improved lambing percentages, highlighting the importance of ewe fertility, fecundity and lamb survival.

The Target Sheep Repro Program developed by Virbac can deliver unparalleled results to help improve productivity, fertility and fecundity through a dual mode of action. 

  1.  Ovastim - a reproductive vaccine that increases the number of eggs released per cycle and available for fertilisation, resulting in increased lambing rates by an average of 23%.2
  2. Multimin for Sheep - a trace mineral injection containing copper, selenium, zinc and manganese that improves embryo survival and ewe and lamb health. A recent Victorian study showed Multimin Plus Copper Injection for Sheep increased marking percentages by an average of 9% and increased weaning weights by an average of 2.3 kilograms. Across the properties measured, this represented an additional $23 in value per ewe which equates to a 6:1 return on investment.3


A recent study conducted in Tasmania in high producing composite ewes, showed that ewes treated with the complete Target Sheep Program scanned 17% more foetuses than not treated ewes.4

The Target Sheep Repro Program continues to gain traction in 2023 with many producers adopting the program over the recent years. Experts in the field agree that the Target Sheep Repro Program can yield impressive benefits for progressive producers.


“It was no surprise that the use of Ovastim was likely to be massively profitable. Using Ovastim in a typical prime lamb flock may result in a profit of about $18 per ewe in today’s market. Using Multimin and Ovastim represents a sensational profit-booster for Merino and Prime Lamb enterprises”. 

Dr Graham Lean, Principal Consultant, Agrivet Business Consulting


 “Multimin was able to increase the survival of embryos by 29% in recipient ewes.

I have found that the Multimin has been helpful for decreasing early embryonic loss and subsequently increasing conception rates in embryo transfer programs”.

Dr Michylla Seal, Director/Centre Veterinarian - Ovine and Caprine Artificial Breeding Specialist and Flock Health at GENSTOCK Pty Ltd


The benefits of Multimin for Sheep as part of the Target Sheep Repro Program are becoming clearer with farmers experiencing the benefits in their production systems.


“We treated our ewes with Multimin Plus Copper Injection for Sheep  before joining and before lambing and our marking percentages improved by 16% and lambs averaged 5.3 kgs heavier”. -Chris Bruty Beaufort, VIC

“At lamb marking our merino ewes treated with Multimin Plus Copper Injection for Sheep had wonderful results with a 16% increase in marking rate “-Will Osmond - Dunkeld, VIC

“I can confidently say Multimin has a positive impact on conception rates. I enjoy going to jobs where the farmer has used Multimin in their ewes pre-joining, it really is a no brainer in my experience. - Tim Lawrence, NSW.


“Make hay while the sun shines”, says Dr George Cox, technical services veterinarian at Virbac. “Producers that manage multiple bearing ewes well can achieve optimal reproductive performance with their current ewes by adopting the Target Sheep Repro program.” To improve lamb and ewe survival rates it is important to manage multiple bearing ewes separately and apply the Lifetime Ewe Management (LTEM) principles.

“These two products are a fantastic combination because they complement each other really well. While Ovastim increases the number of eggs per ovulation cycle increasing the chance of twins, Multimin can improve the antioxidant status and the immune system, helping to protect those embryos, ensuring they make it to term and result in the birth of healthy lambs” stated Dr Paula Gonzalez-Rivas, nutritionist and technical services veterinarian at Virbac.


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Benefits outlined in scientific trials and testimonials are not necessarily registered label claims. Multimin®  and Ovastim® are registered trademarks of Virbac.

Multimin can be administered concurrently with other animal health products. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian.

DO NOT MIX products with Multimin in the same syringe prior to administration. Always inject high on the neck, multiple injections should preferably be given on different sides of the neck, according to product label instructions.

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