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Revolutionising Dairy Farming: Cydectin Platinum's NEW Nil Milk WHP Claim

1st December 2023


“Revolutionising Dairy Farming: Cydectin Platinum's NEW Nil Milk WHP Claim”

For dairy farmers, managing the health and productivity of their herd, especially lactating cows, is a complex and critical task. In the face of evolving challenges such as parasite resistance, single-active drenches, once a standard in parasite control, are now being reevaluated as their efficacy diminishes. 


Cydectin Platinum’s Nil Milk WHP Claim: A Milestone for Dairy Farmers

Cydectin Platinum’s zero-day milk withhold period claim is a major leap forward in cattle care and marks the product as the world's first combination pour-on drench without a milk restriction. This feature allows dairy producers to use the product without worrying about withholding milk, ensuring uninterrupted milk production and effective control of parasites. This translates into enhanced efficiency and profitability for an industry where every drop counts.


Superior Efficacy: The Power of a Combination Drench

Cydectin Platinum is a dual-active, low-volume pour-on drench. Its potent blend of Moxidectin and Levamisole provides unrivalled worm control, effectively tackling single and dual-resistance issues. This combination approach enhances its efficacy and is crucial in delaying resistance development, a growing concern in cattle farming1-3, 5-7.


Benefits for Dairy Cattle

Treating worms effectively in dairy cattle is vital because it ensures the health and well-being of the cattle, directly impacting growth, fertility and milk production. With Cydectin Platinum, farmers can treat their cattle without interrupting milk production, a crucial factor in dairy farming.


Proven Results: Enhancing Productivity and Health

Cydectin Platinum is more than just a drench; it’s a productivity booster. Recent field trials have proven that Cydectin Platinum delivers increased weight gain of 4 to 29 kg over 6 weeks when compared to Dectomax, Cydectin Pour-on, Acatak Duostar and Ivomec, and their generics1-3.


Cydectin Platinum ticks all the boxes for Australian beef and dairy producers4:

  • Persistent activity - The only combination drench with persistent activity and cleaner pastures for up to 35 days.
  • Withhold periods: 7-day meat WHP, 20-day ESI & now with Zero (0) day milk withhold period - offering the peace of mind required by Australian cattle producers.
  • Faster absorption - Has a new Pour-On technology called DMI-Sorb, which enhances product absorption in the skin - 23% FASTER than Cydectin  Pour-On.
  • It’s rainfast and has no known impact on dung beetles.


Don’t Compromise Cattle Parasite Control

Dairy producers should no longer compromise on their need for a zero (0) day milk withhold drench for a single active product when their efficacy is well known to be declining in cattle herds across Australia and abroad1-3, 5-7.

By switching to Cydectin Platinum, farmers are not just choosing an effective drench; they’re opting for a comprehensive solution that enhances parasite control, delays resistance, improves productivity and maintains milk production integrity. This makes 

Cydectin Platinum an invaluable addition to any dairy farmer's toolkit, promising healthier cattle and more productive farms.


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“Weight Gain” is not a Cydectin Platinum registered claim

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