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Cydectin Platinum - New Ad & Giving Back

2nd May 2024

Cydectin Platinum - New Ad & Giving Back 

Cydectin Platinum® was launched over 3 years ago because the cattle drench market needed to change. As the first combination pour-on product featuring moxidectin and levamisole, it has completely changed the landscape of the market as the new standard and next generation of drenches for cattle. 

Continually Improving to Support an Evolving Landscape 

Since its launch, Virbac has continued to ensure that the product evolves to meet the needs of Australian producers: 

Post Registration Studies

  • In 2021, NSW DPI (North Coast, NSW) and James Cook University (Townsville, Northern Australia) investigated cattle weight gain following treatment of beef weaners with different drenches and found that Cydectin Platinum led  to 4-8 kg more weight gain than Dectomax® Pour-On and 7-11 kg more than control over 2 months.1-3
  • In 2021 and 2022, Virbac and independent researchers investigated cattle weight gain and cattle tick control following treatment of subtropical dairy heifers with different endectocide products. Results found that using Cydectin Platinum, the new generation of Cydectin, resulted in heifers 29.1 kg heavier than Dectomax® Pour-On treated animals over 42 days. With similar cattle tick control the additional weight gain was from improved worm control.5
  • In 2023, a study compared productivity in beef cattle treated with either Cydectin Platinum or Acatak Duostar®.  Over 56 days Cydectin Platinum treated cattle grew an additional 5 kg compared to Acatak Duostar treated cattle. Once again with similar cattle tick control the additional weight gain was from improved worm control.

Additional label claims 

  • In 2023, Cydectin Platinum received a new label claim for the control of cattle ticks thanks to registration trials demonstrating equivalent cattle tick control to Cydectin Pour On. This meant producers could now rely on using a combination drench to take care of their worms and ticks.6 
  • In 2024, after extensive work, Cydectin Platinum was granted approval for a new claim of a Zero (0) Day Milk Withhold Period6, making it the world’s first combination cattle pour-on drench without a milk restriction. Now, dairy producers no longer have to compromise the effectiveness of their drench with their need for a zero (0) day milk withhold. This claim was a game changer since drench options before this relied on ineffective single active products.

Celebrating Nil Milk Claim & Giving Back

To celebrate and bring awareness of the new Nil Milk Claim of Cydectin Platinum, Virbac have launched an ad which will be playing across dairy regions of Australia, which you can view below. 

In addition, for the month of May, we’re launching an exclusive campaign with Nutrien Rewards customers where Virbac will donate $1 for every litre of Cydectin Platinum sold to Careflight Australia*, an Australian aeromedical charity with a mission to save lives, speed recovery and serve patients living in metro, regional and rural communities.

Thank you for your support of Cydectin Platinum and we look forward to bringing you more exciting developments in the future. 

Want more information about Cydectin Platinum? Head to for more information. 



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*Maximum donation will be $2000. The Virbac Cydectin Platinum promotion is valid nationally to Nutrien Rewards Members. To be eligible for the offer, the Nutrien Rewards member must purchase any size of Virbac Cydectin Platinum from any Nutrien Ag Solutions store that is part of the Nutrien Rewards Program between 01 May and 30 May 2024 (inclusive) using their Nutrien Account. Points will be applied to the Member’s Nutrien Rewards account the following month. Please see Nutrien Rewards Terms and Conditions for more details.

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