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Valuable long term weed control this summer with Valor Herbicide

There is no time like the present to consider Valor Herbicide’s fit for fallow and summer crop weed control, particularly for its outstanding control of difficult weeds like Feathertop Rhodes grass.


Key Points

  • Excellent alternative to multiple glyphosate applications or means of economising glyphosate rates when Valor is added as a spike.
  • No plant-back periods when used as a knockdown spike (canola excluded)
  • Short plant-back requirements with minimal rainfall requirements when used at high residual rates.
  • Long residual control of 2-3 months against key grass and broadleaf weeds.
  • Can be used to keep fallows clean for an extended period or prior to planting summer crops minimising weed competition over summer.
  • Effective residual control of hard to control weeds including feathertop Rhodes grass, fleabane, milk thistle and barnyard grass, including glyphosate resistant strains.
  • Outstanding resistance management tool for cropping systems over-reliant on glyphosate and other older chemistry.
  • Group 14 Mode of Action with no current resistance recorded in Australia. Excellent fit in Roundup® Ready Flex cotton systems.
  • Attractive cash rebates available for cotton growers signed up through the Roundup Ready Plus program.
  • Use rate 30g per Ha for enhanced knockdown
  • Use rate of 210g to 280g per Ha for extended residual control
  • Can be used more than once in a season as long as minimum plant back and rainfall requirements are observed. Very cost effective Excellent compatibility with Glyphosate formulations, Paraquat and Spray Seed
  • For enhanced knockdown apply with a spray adjuvant such as Hasten at 0.5 -1L/100L (use the lower rate on smaller, actively growing weeds).
  • Non-Volatile Valor is safe to use in 2,4-D Ester exclusion zones near sensitive crops including cotton


Applying Valor makes economic sense

Even one application of glyphosate alone costs approximately $25/ha when application costs are included, and once tank-mix partners such as 2,4-D amine, 2,4-D ester or fluroxypyr are added, the applied cost can total as much as $30-35/ha.

Whilst 210 g/ha of Valor plus glyphosate or paraquat costs will be more than a glyphosate application, the length of control achieved can remove the need for a second or even a third knockdown application, saving growers valuable time and money. Reducing applications also removes the need to find multiple safe application windows, meeting buffer zone restrictions and the need to have extra labour on hand on multiple occasions.


Contact your nearest Nutrien Store or Sumitomo Regional Manager for more information.

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Disclaimer: No one should rely upon the information contained in this email without appropriate professional advice regarding relevant factors specific to your situation such as environmental conditions. Always read and follow label directions before using any product in this email