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Blackleg results put SALTRO® DUO first in canola paddock plan

One of the first growers to use SALTRO DUO upon its 2020 debut was Damien Schneider, a mixed farmer from Culcairn in the NSW Riverina who has seen his share of blackleg.

“We used SALTRO DUO earlier this season. Everything jumped up good as gold and clean as a whistle, and took off without any issues that I could see - it was really good.”

Unlike some seed treatments Damien said SALTRO DUO had no crop effect and was excellent from an ease-of-use perspective.

“I'd definitely go a SALTRO DUO again and can’t see any reason not to. From the handling of the seed, to seedling emergence, it was all perfect and how it should be.”

Visit the Syngenta site to discover what makes SALTRO DUO the superior choice for canola seedling diseases.