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Hasten is a leading Australian spray adjuvant for over 25 years

In 1993, Dr Bob Killick, owner of Vicchem, was involved in the creation of ground breaking chemistry by using ethylated Canola Oil to create the unique formulation of Hasten Spray Adjuvant. This was a significant advancement in adjuvant technology. Following its registration by the National Registration Authority (predecessor of APVMA) in May 1996, it offered Agronomists and Growers a high performing, versatile and “in-crop safe” adjuvant, locally manufactured in Australia.

The innovative Hasten formulation was successfully patented and caught the attention of Crop Protection Companies (CPC) as being the first adjuvant based on ethylated Canola Oil available worldwide. Consequently, Hasten’s use in applications across Broadacre and Horticultural markets steadily grew, as did the number of CPC labels referencing Hasten, catapulting it to become a leading spray adjuvant in Australia.

In May 2021, Hasten Spray Adjuvant reached a 25 year milestone of helping Australian producers grow high yielding, quality crops.   

 “We are pleased Hasten is an Australian developed, owned and manufactured adjuvant that has provided excellent performance for farmers, and supported our distributor and industry partners,” Mr Killick said.

 Ongoing trial work continues to confirm its position as a leading adjuvant as does the fact that it is now cross-labelled on over forty eight CPC products.  We are proud to say that Hasten is supporting Australian farmers by using 100% Australian grown canola oil in its manufacture, and is being sold across the world”

In Hasten we have a product that has stood the demands of farming in Australian conditions for over 25 years. It continues to be referenced on new CPC chemistry entering the Australian Agricultural market.

Mr Killick said the current climatic conditions which were very favourable for growers across the main cropping regions, was creating a higher than normal demand for Hasten and other Vicchem products.

“We thank the agricultural industry for their support and will continue to step up to the supply challenge in a timely manner through our commitment to Australian manufacturing.”

 Hasten - Australia’s Leading Spray Adjuvant for over25 years – Mix With the best

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Source: Vicchem